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Another week...another 'Anyone Listening Who'! This week, Slacker thinks more of you have gotten in trouble because of a text you sent. Steve thinks more of you are not a medical professional but have delivered a baby. Lil D thinks more of you are willing to admit you're overpaid for your job.

Slacker hasn’t won a single segment of Anyone Listening Who. He makes fun of Lil D for picking his topic because no one is going to call and admit they’re overpaid. Slacker thinks Steve’s topic is really good, and he might win! He says more people are going to call for his own topic because so many people have accidentally sent a text to the wrong person.

Steve thinks Lil D’s topic is really good.  He mentions the Go Pro video below about how a man had to deliver his baby in front of the hospital. He thinks Slacker’s topic might win because every single person on the face of the planet has gotten in trouble via text.

Lil’ D says people are going to call in and say they faked their college degree and now they are getting paid a lot through their job.

Who do you agree with?
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07/11/2014 4:19PM
Anyone Listening Who
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