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Anyone Listening Who


Time for another 'Anyone Listening Who'. This time, Slacker thinks more of you are leading a double life. Steve thinks more of you have fainted in a fantastic way! Lil D thinks more of you have been part of a bank robbery!

Slacker is still mad about the fact he hasn’t won yet.  He thinks that there are teachers out there that turn into strippers at night thus making them live a double life.

Steve has won the past three weeks in a row, and Slacker is very upset about it. A girl fainted in the white house and it was an epic ordeal.

Lil D said it doesn’t matter if you’re the teller, the robber, or the cop that showed up afterwards. He still thinks people have witnessed a bank robbery more than Steve or Slacker’s ideas.

Who do you agree with?

I agree with Slacker, I just don’t know if people are willing to admit it. I think a robbery is very uncommon in most people unless you count stealing something from a store without putting someone at gun point. I have fainted in a crazy way, but not interesting enough to tell the story on a radio station.

Intern Nikki

(Photo Courtesy Flickr.com)

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People : Anyone Listening

06/27/2014 4:15PM
Anyone Listening Who
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