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Anyone Listening Who


Another week means another 'Anyone Listening Who'! This week Slacker thinks more of you have had the cops show up at a kid's party. Steve thinks more of you have been in trouble for something because of our show. Lil' D thinks more of you are trying to get fired from your job. 

Slacker and Steve both think that Dave is trying to get fired because he smacks his gum very loudly and it is annoying. The only reason he thinks cops always show up at a kid’s party is because the parents always end up getting drunk at the party and some drama happens.

Steve says that he thinks the show gets people in trouble because he thinks the Great Mate Debates cause arguments between couples in the car.

Lil D said he purposely tried getting fired at his law firm job. He was put in a closet to type up police reports and he hated it.

Who do you agree with?

Intern Nikki

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06/20/2014 4:19PM
Anyone Listening Who
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