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Anyone Listening Who

Another week, another “Anyone Listening Who.” This week, Slacker thinks more of you have hooked up with a C-list celebrity. Steve thinks more of you have a bullet hole in your car or home. Lil D thinks more of you have accidentally maced yourself.

Slacker gives Steve crap for thinking people have bullet holes in their cars or homes. He questions who he hangs out with. Slacker says a C-list celebrity is someone like Dustin Diamond. It depends on who thinks is a C-list celeb. Athletes are way too easy though. He watched a girl throw herself at Edwin McCain who has gained tons of weight and is not attractive. He says it has to be a crappy celeb.

Steve says no one is going to call in about making themselves and gives Lil’ D a bunch of crap. Steve thinks that people really do have bullet holes in their cars because of hunting accidents and drive-by’s in the ghetto.

Lil’ D accidentally maced himself when he was 7 years old. He was going to spray the wall in his bedroom and it got everywhere, his eyes were burning, and he was choking.

Whose team are you on and why?

Intern Nikki

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06/06/2014 4:14PM
Anyone Listening Who
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06/09/2014 5:18PM
Leave the Smoker or Not?
My mother-in-law died from smoking. She had lung cancer and emphysema at 70 NOT 80. The entire family went through A LOT in the years prior caring for her, watching her suffer and burying her. I say, if you know what's ahead, don't want to kiss an ash tray each morning and night, be with someone healthier. It is HIS choice to live with it or not. He doesn't have to be around it if he doesn't want to, and it is his right to choose a healthy partner. April in Parker
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