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Animal Encunters


Yi! A woman in London woke up to something quite unusual... A squirrel entered her home through the chimney and tore up her curtains, sofa, cushions, and carpet that all equaled up to $10,000 in damage. The damage hit her really hard because she chose all those furnishings with her late husband, but never knew a squirrel could ruin so much!

Slacker thinks Go-Pros are the greatest thing to ever be invented because he saw a guy get attacked by a wild boar and it was the funniest thing he has ever seen. Slacker hates horses ever since he couldn’t ride it properly and he got bucked off.

Steve recalls last year a video he saw of a man getting attacked by an antelope while riding his bike.

Have you ever had an insane animal encounter?

I have had several encounters with animals, but the most intense attack was when a pit bull flew down the street after my dog and I. My dog saved my life—no doubt.



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01/16/2014 6:24PM
Animal Encunters
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