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Amusement Park Horrors


A ride at SeaWorld San Diego broke down Sunday, leaving people stuck hundreds of feet in the air for hours. The 48 people on the Skytower were lowered to safety just before 7:30 p.m., nearly four hours after the ordeal started. A teenage boy was taken to the hospital for anxiety. The Skytower raises riders hundreds of feet in the air and slowly spins to show panoramic views of San Diego. The ride became suspended about 220 feet in the air after losing power. SeaWorld technicians ended up fixing the problem, but the fire department was put on stand-by. SeaWorld spokesman David Kontz released the following statement Sunday night:
"SeaWorld's San Diego's Skytower ride experienced a power failure this afternoon. With guest safety as our top priority, park engineers spent four hours trouble-shooting the problem before restoring power to the Skytower and safely returning the 46 guests to the ride loading area. The guests were never in danger and park officials were in constant communication with them while the power failure was being addressed. Two SeaWorld employees were also in the Skytower providing guests with water and snacks. The San Diego Fire Department was on scene, however, there was no requirement for an emergency evacuation. We greatly appreciate the patience of our guests, and they received return admission and other park amenities. The cause of the power failure is under investigation."
Slacker said the idea of getting stuck on a ride and having to crawl down a cherry picker to get down scares him. He says the cars on the ride are designed to get you through the ride safely. When you leave the safety of the car, that's when you get into the danger zone.
Steve says he will ride any ride pretty much any ride. He says you pay the amusement park to thrill you, and what better thrill than the ride falling apart on you. He will admit that he is terrified of the tea cup rides at amusement parks.
What's the craziest thing to happen to you at an amusement park?

(Photo Courtesy: Flickr.com)

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07/02/2014 1:02AM
Amusement Park Horrors
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