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Am I the Only One?


When you're completely alone do you ever think about your quirks and think you are the only person in the world who does and thinks like you do? Well, it’s time to embrace the strange – because you are totally not the only person who does "that." Here’s a list of some popular things we do.

1. You spell out Wednesday like Wed-Nes-Day, February like Feb-Ru-Ary, because like Beca-Use friend like Fri-End and together like To-Get-Her in your head every time you write them.

2. When you are in a store just browsing, not buying, you start to get paranoid that security thinks  you are a shoplifter.

3. You rehearse arguments or conversations in your head or out loud in front of a mirror in case they ever happen.

4. You have to find the perfect TV show or movie to watch before you can truly enjoy your in-front-of the-TV snack.

5. You always feel weird saying your own name out loud.

6. You will listen to a song on repeat to learn all the lyrics – especially the hard parts – in case you are ever around your friends and the song comes on.

7. You feel totally relieved when you get home and no one else is there yet.

8. You always check behind the bathroom shower curtain no matter whose bathroom you are in!

9. You put your iPod on shuffle, but end up skipping a bunch of songs to get to the one you want to hear anyway.

10. You feel guilty that you aren't helping when a repair guy is working at your house.

11. You wonder how many people you don't know have photos with you somewhere in the background.

12. You feel sad when you see an unwanted object on the side of the road like an old broken
chair or toy.

13. You wipe the smudge marks on your cell phone screen into patterns.

Slacker is always paranoid that employees think he is shop lifting when he is ‘just browsing’ in a store. He also knew a guy that would practice what he was gonna say before arguing with him. Not much use since now he knows what you’re going to say!

Steve feels guilty for not helping whenever someone comes to work on something at his house like repair guys or installation guys. He feels like he is being lazy when they are working and he is not.
Little D said that he re-lives his greatest lines over and over again. They keep him entertained sometimes for days.

Add to the list. What is something that you’re weird about?

I do some strange things like checking myself out when I walk by a large window. I lock the bathroom door even when I’m completely alone. When I wash my face in the sink I am paranoid that when I open my eyes there will be someone in the mirror standing behind me. Oh and I catch myself talking to myself all the time. Weird!


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10/18/2013 4:33PM
Am I the Only One?
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