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All Iced cream is pretty fantastic, but which ice cream flavor makes you happies

The Cluinary Geek via Flickr

And now, some hard-hitting journalism on which ice cream flavors make people smile.  Next stop:  Pulitzer prize, baby.



Baskin-Robbins just ran a survey and asked people which flavors of ice cream make them the happiest.  I'm not 100% sure how that's different from people's FAVORITE ice cream flavor, but at least vanilla didn't win this time, so we'll take it.



The top 10 ice cream flavors that make people happiest are:  Chocolate . . . coffee . . . strawberry . . . rocky road . . . vanilla . . . cookie dough . . . mint chocolate chip . . . chocolate chip . . . praline . . . and rainbow sherbet.



Overall, 72% of people say deciding to get ice cream makes them happy even if they're stressed, preoccupied, or serious.  Let's not dig too deep into the sad, chubby psychology there and just enjoy our ice cream, okay? 



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07/09/2014 9:03AM
All Iced cream is pretty fantastic, but which ice cream flavor makes you happiest?
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07/12/2014 9:19PM
Kemps Pecan Turtle Tracks
it is just delicious, It's butter pecan flavored Ice cream with pecans and little caramel filled chocolate turtles with caramel ribbons!!! if that dosen't satisfy your sweet tooth I don't think anything will!!!!
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