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A 29-year-old Indiana woman was able to find out who her birth mother was within 36 hours after making a post on Facebook. She started a page called, "Betsy's Biological Journey" and posted a photo of herself next to one of her mother.  A short time later she got a message from her biological brother, aunt and a cousin. She decided to search for her birth mother after seeing a story on TV about an adopted woman's search for her birth mother. The two have not met yet however because her birth mother has health issues, but she has met her brother and other family members. She is still searching for her biological father.

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We have a friend of a friend that found out, after she was an adult, she had sister that was given up for adoption. Her entire life, her mother had a bottle of perfume sitting on her dresser. She learned that the bottle of perfume was from the family that adopted her sister!
Lil D's dad also discovered that he had a brother that was given up for adoption. The weird part of this story is that Lil D's dad grew up just a few houses down from his brother and never knew that they were related!
Do you have a crazy adoption story? What happened?

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11/19/2013 8:06PM
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