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Accidentally Taking Drugs

A man in Spain along with 10 others was hospitalized after eating a birthday cake baked with marijuana. The man went into a comatose state after eating the cake and was treated for irregular heartbeat. It is unknown if the man had underlying heath issues or if it was the weed that put him down.

Slacker says this sounds terrible. He tells Lil’ D’s story about working at a fast food chain and a guy offered him a hit of weed and he took it, but he felt a little funny. So the guy ended up telling him that the weed was laced with meth. How awful! He says if anyone tried tricking him into doing drugs he would be very mad because he would want it to be under his discretion. He has gotten roofied before, but what was even worse is he found his parent secret chocolate stash and it was laxatives. He pooped for days.

Steve says he willingly took drugs. He says Slacker has accidentally taken brownies from the stations bake table, but Slacker denies everything.

Have you ever been accidentally drugged?

Intern Nikki

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02/20/2014 7:19PM
Accidentally Taking Drugs
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