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Accidentally Stole


There’s a thief among us. Lil D accidentally pocketed some deodorant he was intending to buy when, deciding against a shopping cart, he decided to carry all of his merchandise which became too much for him to carry in his hands. Naturally, he put some of the items on his body so he would stop dropping them all over the store.

Slacker had serious sticky fingers when he was growing up because (according to his family’s philosophy) there’s a 50/50 chance that anything you put on the bottom of the cart will be free.  Steve recently accidentally stole one of those sucky tube things from the drive through at the bank.  He has no use for one of those so naturally he says he’s going to return it.

What have you ever accidentally stolen?

I don’t think I’ve ever accidentally stolen anything. I’ve done the whole “I’m hungry so I’m gonna eat this doughnut while I continue my shopping” (clearly that’s something that can’t wait), but I’ve always paid for it.  I’ve now and again thought of putting stuff in my pocket because I didn’t have a cart or basket, but I know for a fact that I would forget it and be jumped by security when I try and leave.

Stay classy!
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05/01/2013 4:41PM
Accidentally Stole
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