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A Dudeoir Photo?


This is weird ... Apparently the new trend in boudoir photography is “dudeoir” photos! NYC Dudeoir is an entire studio in Manhattan dedicated to sexy man photos! Their idea of “dudeoir” is "relaxed, natural portraits celebrating masculinity." Clothing is optional, but they also give suggested outfits that work well, like a white shirt and black tie combo, a tux, underwear, or just boots. Just boots?! But who are these women that are asking their men to do this? And where in the world are they putting these portraits?!

Steve says that he does not like dudeoir photos. In fact, he doesn’t even like it when women do it; he thinks they do it more for themselves than for their men.

Slacker says that his wife did something like this. He got his photo professionally taken and after he jokingly put it as her background on her computer and she never changed it. Slacker’s not gonna lie, he likes the artsy ones where they’re naked but they hide all their mommy parts and it’s all about the curves and looks cool. He thinks the ones where they’re wearing a boa and are straight up nude is stupid. All in all Slacker agrees with Steve, dudeoir photos are a no go.

Would you want a dudeoir photo of your man?

With Love,
Intern Elana

(Image courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net)

08/20/2013 7:19PM
A Dudeoir Photo?
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